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Dora provides expert nutrition consultancy and advice to leading brands, and has worked as an expert Nutritionist and Ambassador, advising on products, services and communication.

Her experience spans product development, branding, PR, and copywriting, and her nutritional advice is invaluable when adding credibility to a brand and its offering.

Dora is currently working with the Thornton & Ross Care range of supplements.

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Dora works with organisations and companies to increase employee wellness, reduce sick days, improve employee retention, productivity and happiness.

With corporate wellness Dora will empower staff with the knowledge of how simple, healthy food choices can make a massive difference to their health, happiness and productivity.

Whether it be a one off or a series of workshops, or more in-depth health services for your staff, improving nutrition and wellness in the workplace really can inspire employees and deliver a real return on investment. When a canteen is available, a nutritional review of menu options, ingredients and cooking methods will allow Dora to recommend effective changes that deliver tangible results.

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Dora is a presenter of her own weekly nutrition show on UK Health Radio, and is an experienced and confident public speaker who has delivered numerous presentations across various sectors. She can translate complex nutritional information into straightforward and motivational take home techniques.

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Sports Fitness

Peak performance: Managing stress through diet and nutrition

Discover and adopt the nutrition strategies to condition your body to deal with life's daily stresses.

  • Learn how nutrition, vitamins, minerals and herbs can boost your body's immune system
  • Increase energy and concentration levels
  • Prevent stress related symptoms including fatigue, headache, low back pain, irritability, and IBS.
Sports Fitness

Sports and fitness nutrition: Enhancing performance through diet

Eat the right foods to become more effective and consistently perform at a higher level. You will learn about:

  • The best foods to enhance athletic performance and which foods to avoid
  • How to eat to achieve consistent energy and optimum recovery
  • Enhancing muscle growth and optimal tissue repair
Sports Fitness

Understand and overcome your sweet cravings

Fully understand what your body is trying to tell you and successfully overcome you sweet cravings and sugary binges,

  • Do you have sweet cravings and rely on something sweet to get you through the day or night?
  • Does your energy crash around 3:00?
  • Do you feel irritable and jittery and often reach for sugary snacks

Arm yourself with tried and tested techniques to successfully change in your eating habits and take control of your eating today.

Boy with Apple

What should I feed my baby or child?

Learn about the foods most critical for ensuring proper development, learning capacities and preventing illness.

At no other time in life is nutrition so important. But, which foods are best and is breast milk the healthiest choice?

Girl with Pregnant Mother

Pregnancy nutrition to make strong, healthy babies

Learn about the healthiest diet for you and your growing baby, because good nutrition during pregnancy will enhance you and your baby's health.

  • Take a close look at what you are eating and improve your food choices
  • Learn about the healthiest diet for you and your growing baby

When you are well nourished before and eat well during pregnancy, there’s less danger of complications, a safer delivery, and a better chance to nurse your baby successfully.

Other popular nutrition talks include:

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