Brand Consultancy & Collaborations

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Elevating your brand

Dora collaborates with start-ups, leading brands, PR companies and consultancies working as a Consultant, Advisor, expert Nutritionist, Spokesperson and Ambassador, advising on products, services and communication.

Her experience spans product development, business development, branding, PR, and copywriting, and her nutritional advice is invaluable when adding credibility to a brand and its offering.

Dora has worked with world leading companies and is currently the Nutritionist spokesperson for Berocca supplements.

She was selected as the Advisor and Spokesperson for British Summer Fruits, and has worked as a Consultant and Nutritionist for various brands and PR companies including: Bayer, Berocca, Sanatogen, Thornton & Ross, Care Supplements, Rhythm Nutrition, DR. VEGAN, Flamingo Research, Ashfield Health, Flamingo, Red Brick Road, Brazen PR, Best Western Hotels, The Mission and more...

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